Gallipoli 2023

A few images from the Gallipoli battlefield and Troy

Antioch and Edessa

A few pics from Antioch and Edessa in Eastern Turkey. Both were Crusader centres, while Antioch apparently played host to St Peter, who established a church there, Edessa was allegedly the birthplace of Abraham.

The Walls of Antioch

A few images from the walls of Antioch/Antakya/Hatay dating back from the Romans and breeched by the crusaders in 1098. The gate is the “Iron Gate” to the west of the city.

Istanbul street photography

Images from the streets of Istanbul….


Pics from a visit to the Gallipoli peninsula, where British, Australian, New Zealanders, and French troops landed on 25 April 1915 with the aim of closing off the Dardanelles and seizing Istanbul to knock Turkey out of the war. Instead it turned into bloody trench warfare with tens of thousands of killed and injured on both sides until the Allied powers nine months later withdrew having realised the futility of the operation.

Istanbul II

More pictures from street life in Istanbul and a few famous landmarks…

The making of a steel heart

A black smith creating a heart and arrow of iron for a girl named Irem in Istanbul.

Ramadan in Istanbul