Images of Altea and surrounding areas.

Fishing in Spain

Images of fishermen and other exotic scenery from Valencia, Spain, December 2018.

Anti-Nazi demonstration in Oslo

Images from an anti-Nazi demonstration in Oslo on 30 November 2018.

Abortion in Norway

Abortion is once again a theme in the Norwegian political arena……



Images from Neuengamme Concentration Camp.

Hamburg – A port city

Images from Hamburg port and city.

Frosty morning in Finnskogen

Pictures of the first morning frost in Finnskogen on an October day.


The mighty museums of Oslo

Images from Oslo Museums and the harbour.

Underdal and Balestrand

Yet more pics from Sognefjorden in Norway. This time from Underdal and the area around Balestramd.

Antioch and Edessa

A few pics from Antioch and Edessa in Eastern Turkey. Both were Crusader centres, while Antioch apparently played host to St Peter, who established a church there, Edessa was allegedly the birthplace of Abraham.