Russian weapons on display

Captured and destroyed Russian weapons on display in Kyiv…


Maidan Square

A memorial for the fallen soldiers on Maidan Square in Kyiv….

NTS in Ukraine

Pictures from NTS undertaken in Volodymyrivka

in Mykolaiv Oblast.

Ukraine Misc

Various pictures from Ukraine…

EORE in Mykolaiv Oblast

Photos from EORE sessions in Voznesensk and Velikolexandrivka in Mykolaiv Oblast.

Revolution in Ukraine

Protests have been ongoing in Kiev since 21 November 2013 and have seen a number of violent clashes with the police in December 2013 and January 2014. The protesters have sealed off the area around the Independence Square and have erected a tented camp in the square and on part of the main street, Khreshchatyk Street. The protesters are calling for administrative reforms and an end to corruption in the administration and among the political leaders. Calls for the resignation of the president, Viktor Yanukovych, are common too. The protesters intend to remain on the square until their demands are met, and it remains a question for how long the government will accept the situation. With more than half a million people attending demonstrations in early December 2013 and upwards 100,000 subsequently, the support for the protesters remains strong.