Hitler’s Atlantic Wall

The remains of Hitler’s Atlantic wall in Vigsø, Northern Jutland.

Starry Night in Northern Denmark

Images from an exceptionally clear and starry night in Thy in northern Denmark.


Insects of Thy

Callophrys rubi, Brachytron pratense, Libellula quadrimaculata and Cordulia aenea in the Hjardemål area in Thy.

A Danish Fishing Village

Thorup Strand in Northern Jutland. The last fishing village in Denmark where the fishing boats are still dragged ashore directly onto the beach,


International Workers’ Day – Copenhagen

Anti-capitalist/Anti-fascist 1 May demonstration in Copenhagen.

Pegida In Denmark – Part 5

Pro and anti-Pegida demonstrations in Copenhagen, Denmark 9 April 2016

Copenhagen Carnival

On a cold yet somewhat sunny Saturday in late May in an explosion of colours hundreds of primarily women danced through downtown Copenhagen as part of the annual carnival.

Pegida B/W collection

The best of Pegida in B/W

Pegida in Denmark – Part 4

No comments needed…Anti-Pegida protests 18 May 2015…

A little girl turns five

In Valby, Copenhagen on 10 May 2015 a little girl turned five years old. To celebrate this half a decade on the planet the little girl had invited all her class mates. Some 30 half-decaders invaded the house and were treated to snacks, candy, ice cream, treasure hunt and various forms of entertainment.