Mosul Old Town and Al Nouri Mosque

Images of the remains of the Al Nouri Mosque in Mosul Old Town from where Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi proclaimed the Islamic State Caliphate on 4 July 2014. The mosque was destroyed on 21 June 2017 at 2150 by IS as the caliphate was crumbling. The picture included here of an explosion next to Al Nouri Mosque was taken at 0929 on 21 June 2017 some 12 hours before its destruction.

A School in West Mosul

From a school in West Mosul….

The Ruins of Mosul

Images from Al Shifaa neighbourhood in West Mosul, ruined by fighting and still empty some five months after the war ended.

Shanidar Cave – the graveyard of Neanderthals

Pictures from a hike to Shanidar cave, which was discovered in 1951 containing the remains of 10 Neanderthals some 35,000 to 60,000 years old, and the ridge above. A tremendously beautiful part of the world….


Grand Mosque, devestation and clean-up in Mosul

A few pictures of destroyed shops, street cleaners and the still unfinished Grand Mosque in Mosul

MRE in Fallujah

Images from MRE in schools in Fallujah

Lalish revisited

Another visit to the Yazidis’ holy city of Lalish.

IED Factories in Mosul 2

More pictures of civilian houses in Mosul used by Daesh as IED factories between 2014 and 2017.

Kurdish Referendum – The Vote

On 25 September 2017 the Kurdish Referendum took place. All over the city the primary schools were turned into polling stations.

Kurdish Referendum – The Night

On 25 September 2017 the non-binding Kurdish referendum for independence from Iraq took place. Around 72 % voted and some 90 % voted yes.