A small collection of images from Vienna during New Year 2015-2016…

IDP camps in Duhok, Kurdish Region of Iraq

A collection of images from various IDP camps in the vicinity of Duhok and Erbil taken in the course of supervising mine risk education in the area.

Rabia, Ninewa, Iraq

Rabia, an Arab town in the Kurdish controlled areas some 50 Ks north of Sinjar Mountain.

A Village in Zumar, Ninewa, Iraq

Images from villagers taking part in a food distribution in a village in central Zumar, Iraq.


Zumar and Duhok – Iraq & Kurdistan

Images from Zumar in Ninewa, Amedia and Gara Mountain.


Schools in Duhok – Kurdish Region of Iraq

A few pictures from a visit to a couple of schools in the Duhok area attended by a mix of children from the host community and children of Kurdish refugees from Syria. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚



A few images from Baghdad. Limitations due to security, including not being allowed to walk the streets, and the presence of various militias all over the city make it increasingly challenging to photograph Baghdad, so this might easily be the smallest portfolio yet to hit


IDP Children in Kurdish Region of Iraq

A selection of pictures of children from a Danish Refugee Council toy distribution in Erbil for internally displaced persons from Anbar Governerate, which is largely controlled by Daesh (IS).


Egypt, Cairo – What tourists do…

A few pictures from Cairo…


Khanis – The Kurdistan Cradle of Civilisation

A collection of images from the Kurdistan Cradle of Civilisation located in Khanis in the Duhok Governerate. The reliefs are believed to be around 2700 years old providing a whole new understanding ofย ‘the cradle of civilisation’ ๐Ÿ™‚

The last few images are from a Yazidi temple on the way to Barda Rash still in the Duhok Governerate.